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Kitchen Exhaust

Having the right kitchen hood cleaning company is essential for safety and your peace of mind. Naveen Powerwash Inc. follows strict guidelines and NFPA 96 protocol to reduce the potential of kitchen fires. We guarantee that your kitchen hood will not catch fire because of grease issues, as long as the cleaning is done on a regular schedule. Let Naveen Powerwash Inc. keep health inspectors and Fire Marshall off your shoulders.

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We are a full-service cleaning company that handles all of your property maintenance needs to make it look its best year-round. We specialize in cleaning and maintenance services for homes, retail stores, warehouses and even commercial properties. Call us today to arrange for a personal consultation.

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Our Process

Going beyond just cleaning what's necessary, we breathe new life into your kitchen exhaust system with our safe, ethical, and effective process.

Excellent Workmanship

After hiring Naveen Powerwash to come and wash my cafe at Edworthy Park. I was blown away with workmanship and the quality that I received. Not only I would hire him again but I would also recommend him to anybody. Awesome job Chuck, thank you again.

Cathy Jacobs
Angel's Cafe, Calgary.

Excellent Service

I had asked Naveen Powerwash to pressure wash and clean the inside of my kitchen. They did such a great job, I will be calling them again for any powerwashing.

Ken Wong
China Rose Restaurant

Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance For Restaurants

Restaurant Owners deserve a washing company that delivers a personal unique service. By using state of the Art equipment, the best techniques, and workmanship integrity, our Hood foaming/Duct spinner will breathe new life into your Kitchen Exhaust System. Whether you want to schedule a single inspection / cleaning or you want recurring services: We are ready to discuss your needs.

We take pride in our detail work, and we're sure you'll be pleased with the results. We strongly believe in an exceptional work ethic and professionalism and we thrive on the quality of our work. We are WCB compliant and fully insured. Under the NFPA 96 legislation, we are a fully certified company. We would be pleased to give you a free inspection estimate.


Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is a demanding job that requires tools that can fight back against the grease and carbon build-ups. Foaming helps you clean smarter, faster and more efficiently. By applying the chemicals under a hot foaming process, it both penetrates the grease deeper and reaches places that couldn’t be reached before, such as in joint corners and welding seems. By doing so we remove even more grease 'fuel’, which further reduces the chance of smoke and fire.

2Duct Spinner

Once the scraping is done in the duct and the chemicals have been applied, we will remove and wash down the small amount of remaining grease 'fuel'. To do this, we use a duct spinner attachment on a pressure washing hose. The duct spinner has two pressure washing tips that spin at a high rate of speed in a circle. This will be slowly dropped down into the duct from the roof, washing out the remaining nooks and crannies.

Greece Diagram

Grease & Smoke Start Here

  • 1

    Grease and smoke particles are drawn up into the system filters.

  • 2

    Range hood contains the filters.

  • 3

    Vapors are drawn through the vent-hood system...

  • 4

    Up the main duct work...

  • 5

    To the roof line...

  • 6

    Into the exhaust fan and onto the roof.

Result: Four major problems

The result can be as obvious as fire damage and hood deterioration, or as concealed as nasty grease odors.

  • 1
    Fire Hazard

    Fire is your worst nightmare. It's dangerous, life threatening, and very, very expensive.

  • 2
    Sanitary Hazard

    The smell of rancid grease repels customers and attracts health and fire department inspectors.

  • 3
    Exhaust Fan Failure

    Grease build-ups cause fan malfunctions and motor burn outs, which are very expensive to replace.

  • 4
    Roof Decay

    Equals roof replacement ... a costly, time consuming result. We use 'Grease Away', a biodegradable grease emulsifier to neutralize, break down and dissolve the remnants of fat based greases and oils left on restaurant roof tops from ventilation discharge.

The solution: Complete exhaust system degreasing

Naveen Powerwash Inc. has the one of the best cleaning system in the industry, combined the top notch cleaning techniques (Hood Foaming and Duck Spinner) with state of the art equipment and chemicals.

Naveen Powerwash Inc. holds a reputation of leaving your exhaust system and kitchen left clean and in good working order.

One of Calgary's Preferred Services

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This Is What Naveen Powerwash Inc. Will Do For You

  • Kitchen equipment and outlets waterproofed & shut off.
  • Exhaust fan, fly wheel, and fan grease trap cleaned
  • Exhaust duct cleaning from the roof down to the hood
  • Roof Cleaning and kitchen grease removal
  • Hood, plenum (behind filters), filters, and grease traps cleaned
  • Kitchen exhaust degrease & restaurant hood cleaning / polishing
  • Detailed report of the hood cleaning with before and after pictures
  • Hood Stickers with certification number and date of inspection for Fire Marshal & Health Department.

Here is the deal, If the exhaust system/duct work has been neglected and not properly cleaned the suppression system will not put out the fire in the duct work! This is a nightmare. One minute the facility has a small equipment malfunction and the next minute the building is on fire. The facility will most likely be destroyed. At least this is not common, right? Wrong. Every year there are billions of dollars in damage from restaurant fires due to neglected exhaust systems!

Take into consideration the catastrophic events that could happen. And now that you have a little inside knowledge in the field, make sure you set some time aside and call Naveen Powerwash Inc. to inspect your system. 5 minutes could save your restaurant!!

High rise, Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Flood Clean-Up for Calgary Properties

Naveen Powerwash Inc. keeps Calgary commercial buildings vibrant and you – our client – happy.

For professional power cleaning and steaming services you can count on, give us a call! We'll be happy to answer your questions and arrange for your personal consultation.

Steam Power Cleaning and Maintenance Services

  • Flood damage clean-up
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Driveways
  • Store fronts
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Windows
  • Decks
  • Commercial carpet
  • Restoration
  • And so much more

Unparalleled Service in Calgary

Chuck has been a tremendous help to us and the neighbors during the floods of 2013. His knowledge and dedication are unbelievable. I would recommend him and his team to anybody.

Elbow Drive, Calgary

A+ Customer Service

They're bringing back the standards of honest customer service. I would hire them again on any given day.

Jamie W.

About Naveen Powerwash Inc.

As a leading provider of power washing and steaming, we take pride in offering excellent cleaning services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. As a locally owned and operated business, we recognized Calgary's heavily growing population and increasing property maintenance needs, which is why we established Naveen Powerwash Inc. We strongly believe there's a need for a quality-driven company like ours and although we are a fairly new family company, we have plenty of past experience to personally guarantee your satisfaction with any task we complete.

Contact us now to become one of the many satisfied restaurant and property owners we've helped throughout the years.

Certified Cleaners for Large and Small Projects

From commercial to industrial fleets, our expertise will enhance the look and value of any property. We can take any cleaning project in a commercial kitchen, including kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, kitchen overhauling (walls, ceiling, back splash, appliances, sings, etc.), maintenance, access panel installation, fan (inspection) tune up, belt replacements, etc. We are also offering grease trap service and fire services in collaboration with GDM Vac Services and Denon Fire Services Ltd. You can expect nothing but thorough service as well as professionally ethical, friendly and knowledgeable cleaning technicians all for a fair price.

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Naveen Powerwash Inc.

became a member of the eXmerce community in March 2014. Chuck and Chriss have been extremely professional in their dealings with our members. The businesses with whom they've provided services to have all been extremely happy. I would highly recommend the services of Naveen Powerwash as they run their business with integrity, quality and prompt service.

Nelson Liem
President, eXmerce Barter Inc.

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